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~ Each person is born with a set of unique skills in order to fulfill their share in the world ~

Why are you here in the world? There has to be a good reason.
There are so many people, so many roles
what is the one thing that only you have and no one else does in the whole wide world?

Discover the secrets

Abir Ya'akov
The motion language of the Air element

The movement language of the air element teaches the secrets of creation as well as life. Its purpose is to make each person better and enable them to fulfill their destiny. Its origins can be found in the 'Abir Ya’akov' book.
The book is composed of sayings, each saying is an energy capsule containing coded information. Once the saying is deciphered and understood, it “opens up” and influences our way of thinking as well as changes our way of action.
Each of the sayings in the book is related to the others. Saying no.18 for example is related to more than twenty sayings, and each of them is related to other sayings. This creates a wonderful multi-dimensional matrix, a living entity, with vast capabilities for great influential ability.

The movement language of the air element provided us with practical tools for self-fulfillment. Out of the wide understanding it creates of our lives, about its goal and ways of making the best out of them, we gain satisfaction and true meaning in them.

The air language concerns many diverse topics: free choice, the personal and significant role of each person, the ways to influence and change reality, stalling powers and accelerating powers, time dimension, outer time, and many more secrets, which are exposed and present a breathtaking photo of the wonder of creation.

The information in the book is being taught in study groups.

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