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~ The movement language of the Fire element ~

The language of fire unifies all the languages of the movement into one way of life
filled with power, satisfaction, and meaning.

It is possible to make our lives better with the practical world perception of the Air language
The ability to flow and change is possible with the Water language
It is possible by empowering the power of life in the body through the Earth language
And it is possible to combine them all together into one way.
Choose your way.

Discover the secrets

Personal coaching sessions
Create the reality which suits you

Come receive the knowledge and the power to move from blocked situations to where you want to be.
Life is a movement between situations and they constantly demand that we develop and change. Sometimes it can be easy, sometimes less, and sometimes we just get stuck. Development requires change and as long as we do not 'learn the lesson' we will remain in a situation where we lose energy and suffer.
However, there is no need for the suffering to last long. Life is movement, and the essence of the movement is to flow without unnecessary stops.

The wisdom of the elements, which speaks the movement languages of the elements of life, enables us to precisely arrive at the root of things, to understand why, what, is happening, and to create a change that quickly and powerfully affects our reality.
And what does it require? Only one thing, a sincere desire to change the current situation.

So if you're tired of what's happening or what's not happening, and you want to move forward, come for a short and precise 5-session-process that will give you the tools and the power to make the change you want and move forward.

In the meetings we will use the Seals which will reveal the cause of the current situation and provide us with the power to bring change, the Tagaya exercises which connect us back with our inner strength and create a sense of well-being, and we will use the knowledge of the Air language which creates clarity and better ability to move our way.

When you look with open eyes at a problem, you can see the solution hiding in it. The wisdom of the elements allows us to reveal what is hidden and strengthen the internal forces which influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. These are the key to the change.

Who are these sessions appropriate for and which subjects are being treated?

The accompaniment process is suitable for children and adults and can treat a variety of subjects:

To move forward to a place which suits us To feel good with ourselves - or looking at it from the other side; whenever we are not feeling good with ourselves we lose energy and suffer. Life is certainly a challenge, and with higher awareness, we can enjoy it more. The Wisdom of the Elements provides us with the tools to feel good about ourselves, to change, to develop and to move our lives along the Kings Road. If you feel that it is possible to have more, that there is something that can be fixed and that it is a waste of energy on suffering, here you can find a solution and find a way of satisfaction and meaning.
Improving relationships and partnerships Improving relationships there are many forms of relationships and behind each of them there are two people who are consciously or unconsciously joined together to help each other to develop. The difference between a positive relationship and one does not, is awareness. In higher awareness, it is easier to overcome obstacles and to be a united, productive, joint team. Low awareness causes the contrary. Therefore, whether you have a relationship that has something to improve, or if you cannot find the one, the Wisdom of the Elements brings clarity to the existing situation, increases awareness, and enables meaningful changes for the better.
Career and personal fulfillment Career usually this is where we demonstrate our skills and abilities, perfect our tools and contribute our uniqueness to the world. In situations of burnout, lack of clarity, difficulty in realization, etc., the Wisdom of the Elements creates clarity and understanding of what is right to do and how, so that you could realize your uniqueness at full potential.
Healing and recovery - just being healthy Healing with the help of the Wisdom of the Elements one can make very significant changes. Improve blood measurements, such as sugar and cholesterol levels, and easily bring them to normal levels and without medication, significantly improve the quality of life of CF patients, treat attention deficit disorder without the need for medications and also cure severe diseases such as cancer.
Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children and adults Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children and adults - treating ADHD in children and adults - the Wisdom of the Elements brings a very natural and successful solution to ADHD problems. As part of a unique project in schools, we have achieved excellent results. Click here for more information.
Effortless weight loss Weight loss - we all know all kinds of diets and eating habit alterations but before we go into that, we need to stop the causes for the unbalanced eating and obtain the power to eat right. Through the wisdom of the elements, we deal with the factors of obesity and give the power to make real changes.
Quick rehabilitation from physical, emotional, and mental addictions Rehabilitate from addictions - repetitive patterns that we cannot control are taking away precious energy. Walking against the natural direction that supports life is self-destructive. Whether it is addictions that arise from an emotional place (anxiety, stress, negative feelings), or from a mental source (obsessive thoughts, compulsive thinking), with the Wisdom of the Elements, things can be put back on the right track. If you are really fed up with the current situation, the Wisdom of the Elements creates a rapid change using a short and precise process.
Personal purpose - what is your role in life Personal purpose - sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand what we are really doing here and sometimes when you discover the reason it is a bit late to fulfill yourselves and be really happy. So why let time pass by without knowing? Come to a personal accompaniment meeting and you will receive the knowledge and tools to be who you are and realize your potential.
Correct way of working with partners and teams Partnerships partners share common interest and purpose. Through the accompaniment process, we precisely define the strengths and powers each partner brings, thus creating a stronger partnership than usual. We treat business and romantic partnerships.
Treating severe diseases, cancer Treating severe diseases The accompanying process is also suitable for treating severe diseases, the choice in life and the strength that the exercise gives to the body, can make great changes.

Each session stands on its own and provides you with new knowledge and tools to help you progress and succeed. It is not magic, it is you who makes the change, with the help of professional tools chosen especially in order to precisely and quickly make your way better.

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Connect the power within you

Practicing Tagaya enhances your energy and improves your abilities

The motion language of the Earth element

An hour of practicing Tagaya charges the batteries for the entire week. It is the time to calibrate the body and the spirit, like tuning a musical instrument, empowering the inner strength, bringing clarity to thought, balancing emotions, and come out as new.
Starting with stretching and good body maintenance exercises, and continuing with a 45-minute practice in movement and breathing.
There is no need for previous experience, the practice is suitable for everyone.

Click here for more information about the Tagaya method and examples for exercises.

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Connect the power within you

Wisdom of the elements - Let's learn something new

Studies and Workshops
Learn something new

The learning method in our courses and workshops combines the languages movement of the Wisdom of the Elements: the theoretical material from the language movement of the Air element. The ability to discover the hidden and to get the power for inner change, with the help of the Seals, the language movement of the Water element and the practice of Tagaya, the language movement of the Earth element which enhances our personal qualities and increases the energy of life.

The workshops in Israel are given in Hebrew, here you can find all the information about. It is also possible to order a workshop in English.

Connect the power within you

Course: the Seals - cards for personal treatment and training

Card course

The Seals are symbols that have a strong influence on the subconscious. Each seal represents one of the human qualities such as concentration, joy, confidence, and more. By only observing the Seals, they can change the way we think, feel, and act.
With the help of the Seals, we can precisely diagnose the causes of a current situation and to obtain the power to make changes and reach a desirable situation.

The Seals will help you improve a variety of life situations:
Relationship Career Personal development and fulfillment Solving recurring blocking situations in our lives and create new ones Physical healing Weight reduction Rehabilitation and more.

The Seals have great influence and usually within a few days you can see things changing according to the new direction chosen.

The basic course will train you to use the Seals, the movement language of the water element, to make meaningful changes and to improve your life. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to help themselves live better, enjoy the way and make the best of every moment.

There is also an advanced course available for therapists and trainers.

More details here

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connect to the power within you

Workshop: Bonding to the Spirit
The sequence which embodies the central teachings of the Tagaya.
The activation and intensification of the energetic center - "Heart".

Tagaya Workshop - Bonding to the Spirit
       The workshop will discuss Creation and
                      the process of Self Fulfillment.

"Bonding to the Spirit" sequence is composed of nine independent Qualities. Practicing the nine qualities continuously results in intensification and balancing of the Four Elements, which give us the force of life and expansion of the energetic center- "Heart". This is the most important energetic center, which serves as the link that binds between Spirit and matter. Through the Heart center we are able to balance the force of life that beats within us, through full and wide expression. One who listens to his heart will attain support of the Spirit in his path.

The sequence includes the process of Creation, which exists in our every movement and action, from the simplest actions to the implementation of great ideas. Within every stage of the nine stages an additional layer is assimilated, leading to the implementation of our actions The process of Creation within the sequence teaches us how to utilize the truth within our hearts, through attention to the inner voice and identification of the truth at every moment. This is the connection of man to the force that gives life to every cell in our body, as well as recognition of consciousness to who and what we are.

Practicing the sequence "Bonding to the Spirit" balances the power of life in our cells and improves our health, creating a deep connection with the inner voice in our heart; it allows us to follow the path of our heart fully and intensely.

Seals - The motion language of the Water element
In this workshop you will learn in depth the nine Qualities in the sequence "Bonding to the Spirit" and how to use these abilities to fulfill objectives and desires, modify situations and achieve self empowerment.

We will also learn the use of Geometric Symbols, which represent the energetic structure of the qualities. Use of symbols intensifies the quality that we practice, even without the use of physical exercises.

Previous Experience Not Required

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