Questions and Answers

Why is it good to practice Tagaya?
Every person is an energy unit producing 36.6 heat degrees, with a beating heart and a sensitive soul. Have you ever wondered from where do we have the energy to operate 90 years nonstop?
Even without answering this complex question right now, we can simply say that the stronger our inner battery is, the more power we have to live and operate in life, and the weaker it gets, the less energy we'd have, we'll be less healthy and less happy with life. Practicing Tagaya is connecting us immediately to the source of life, and the feeling is great! Of course it remains and still affecting after the practice, just like charging a mobile phone with electricity. So if it's so available and makes the heart and body feel so good, why not practice Tagaya?

How come practicing Tagaya is affecting so quickly?
Practicing Tagaya is affecting us the way music is affecting us when we hear a happy song we feel like dancing, and when we hear a melancholic song it becomes sadder, so are the Tagaya Qualities. Tagaya is a motion language which changes what we feel through movement and breathing, just like switching the channel on the radio. Therefore, the affect of each Quality is immediate; it is felt in the body and the affect is also felt in the emotional and mental aspect. It's alive, strong and happening at that moment.

Who does Tagaya practice fits for?
Practicing fits anyone from the age of 6 and up, and anyone practicing feels the strong affect of the practice immediately. So on one hand the practice fits for anyone, and on the other hand it also has special affect on unique groups: practicing really helps CF patients and improves their life quality, it helps autistics in order to calm down and prevent overuse of medicines, practicing even helps paralyzed people; it was revealed that when they watch a practice, or someone is practicing next to them, they simply feel better, even though they cannot move. To sum it up, it is possible to say that practicing fits anyone who wants to improve skills in every field, feel vital and full of energy.

How many Qualities are there in Tagaya and what do they affect?
There are about 180 Qualities where each one of them is an extract of a specific characteristic. This is why they are called 'Qualities' and dealing with a variety of subjects: lightness, focus, peace, clarity, happiness, courage and more. Practicing the Qualities immediately affects the thoughts, the emotions and the body where our behavior and activities are changing based on the affect. If we take for example a Quality dealing with happiness and repeat it several times for several days, our happiness in life will become more available, in other words it will be easier to simply be happy. And the same way it is possible to increase courage, bring peace and quiet, enhance the willpower and in fact change every existing situation to a desired situation when we become more vital, more energetic and more powerful than normal.

What's needed in order to practice Tagaya?
No need for any external means or a condition which is one of the method's advantages. It can be practiced while standing, sitting and even through the imagination if no other option exists, and it works.

How many times and for how long is it good to practice?
Every Tagaya exercise takes between 30 seconds to a few minutes, so it's possible to practice one Quality 3 times a day and enjoy its affect throughout the day, and it's also possible to practice every day and maintain a very high energetic level. Depending availability, there's a weekly session of 45 minutes live, and after that the session can be repeated several times through VOD based on what feels right.