The motion language of the Water element

Tune your Self

~ When you are in tune and everything flows, nothing stops and settles ~

Tune yourself and be one with the grand flow.
The world never holds, everything is constantly in movement.

The Seals - The motion language of the Water element

The Seals
the movement language of the Water element

Day by day, moment by moment, we use many different qualities in every action we take. Qualities such as concentration, courage, silence, joy, and many others. When we need a certain quality, and it is present, our movement is light and flowy. However, when the qualities we need are not functioning properly, we encounter our weaknesses and our movement is blocked.

Imagine a situation in which you must be brave and your quality of courage is operating at a low level, or a situation in which you need to be persistent, or presence or lightness, and these qualities are weak and barely function. In this state, the movement is blocked, we get stuck and lose energy.
The movement language of the water element solves precisely these situations. It enhances the volume of our weak qualities and brings back the movement of progress and fulfillment into our lives.

The movement language of the Water element is composed of 180 Seals. Each Seal reflects the pure energy of one of the human qualities. When observing the Seal, it works subconsciously and enhances the quality which it represents. The symbols echo with the information coded in the DNA, creating a conscious change, which alternates the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the one observing them. We use the Seals to solve weak moments in our lives as well as to improve and reach new places which require the best out of us. Using these Seals, we can also map the qualities which best suit our goals and enhance their power. The conception changes accordingly and we receive the power and the energy to move forward.

Let us take for example a person who tries his best to succeed at work; however, whenever he needs to take an important decision he hesitates and stalls. Out of the variety of qualities responsible for making decisions, let us state that for the sake of this example, that the qualities “Courage”, “Confidence” and “Distinguish” are weak. As a result, he will avoid taking courageous decisions, feel a lack of self-confidence in himself and his judgment, and will encounter difficulties in distinguishing all the details required to make an informed decision. In fact, he pays a price for his hesitation and lack of ability to decide, and each time it happens he does not feel good about himself, loses energy and does not move forward. If he would have been able to identify the weak qualities causing him to hesitate and not make decisions, then subsequently strengthen them, meaning enhance the courage, feeling of confidence, and the ability to distinguish, he would have found a way out of his recurring situation and move forward. That is precisely what the seals enable.

The 180 Seals, which compose the water language using different combinations, enable us to move forward, set into motion, and improve most life situations.

One of the things, which make the seals particularly special, is their ability to have an impact just by observing them. There is nothing more to understand, no special action should be taken. The simple act of observing the right seals creates the desired change. In addition, each seal has a saying. A short sentence, which has its own influence. The saying interprets the essence of the seal and when it is read in a certain way, it can even enhance the power of the seal.

The seals - a card kit for personal training and treatment

Available for purchase
Personal treatment and training cards

Out of the 180 Seals, which compose the movement language of the water element, 72 Seals were chose to represent, in card form, the variety of qualities with which great and quick changes can be made.

The work with the Seals enables one to improve and change varied fields such as:
Personal fulfillment: treating all personal issues which do not develop and therefore cause energy loss. Improving abilities and skills, expressing potential, self-loyalty, fulfillment, satisfaction and meaning.
Treatment: physical treatment of diseases and other problems. Treating addictions, strengthening the emotional and mental system.
Collaborations: romantic and social relationships, career and more.

The Seal cards are designed for personal work. The cards come with a detailed guidebook which teaches the user how to work with the seals: diagnosing the current situation and defining the desired situation, the choice of spread suitable to make the desired change, decipher the spreads and the seal’s ways of action.

One of the things, which makes the work with the seal special, is their strong influence just by observing them. This way, positive changes can be made very quickly in any person at any age.

The sale will begin in the month of May 2019, we may contact us by replying a previous email invitation.

The seal cards course

Seal cards course
For treatment and personal training

Basic course

The seal card course will train you to use the seals in order to make significant changes and improve your life. The seals enable us to precisely examine the causes for one’s current situation and change the emotions, actions, and way of thinking in order to move to the desired place.

Within this course, we will deepen at the movement language of the water element, get to know the seals and their way of influence through the different spreads, which concern most life situations and create positive movement and development. We will learn to diagnose the current situation, understand the causes, which preserve this situation, learn how to choose the correct spread in order to make a change and how to decipher the seal spreads.

Using the seals, we can make many situations better:

• relationships • career • self-development and fulfillment • Breaking out of recurring situations which hold us back and creating new ones • physical treatment • losing weight • addiction rehabilitation and more.

The seals work and influence the way we feel and act through our subconscious. With the influence of the seals, we receive the power to change and create the desired situation in real life. Usually, already within a few days the change can be sensed in the new chosen direction.

In the course, we will also use the other movement languages: we will deepen our knowledge about free choice and the ability to influence our lives through the movement language of the air element. Using the movement language of the earth element, we will practice dedicated Tagaya exercises, in order to improve the ability of perception and empower one’s personal energy.

The course is designed for people who wish to help themselves live better, enjoy the way, and make the best out of each moment. No one and nothing prevents us from living with empowerment and making the best which exists in each situation. Using the seals, we can change life situations, find our way out of situations which are not developing and receive the best of each situation. Using the seals, life situations can be changed and we can find a way out of situations which do not develop properly and receive actual power to do what is important to us in our lives.

The course consists of 6 fortnight meetings. Each meeting is 2.5 hours long.
Each participant in the course is provided with a Seals kit, which includes the Seal cards and a details guidebook.
This course is a basic course, which teaches us the work and the personal treatment using the Seals. After the course and the training in the different spreads, you can register for the advanced course, for caregivers, and trainers.

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