Wisdom of the Elements

   Wisdom of the Elements

Do It

The motion language
of the

Fire Element

 your Way

Abir Ya'akov

The motion language
of the

Air Element

 your Mind

The Seals

The motion language
of the

Water Element

 your Self


The motion language
of the
Earth Element


To move along the “King’s Road”

To live the way you want
To make your dreams come true
To realize your potential
and get what you deserve

The Wisdom of the Elements teaches how to move along the “King’s Road” using the 4 movement languages of the elements:

* Tha Air language - To enhance your awareness in order to know how choose the best path at any time.
* Tha Water language - To overcome restrictions and enable yourself free movement.
* Tha Earth language - To enhance your energy in order to move with confidence, health and power.
* Tha Fire language - To fulfill your uniqueness and make the best..

Simply choose what is most suitable for you

Wisdom of the Elements, in one sentence ...

"It is an amazing bonding experience!" Sharon B.
"It taught me to love my life…"Shay M.
"It gives me the power to do anything I want…" Elad
"The practice makes me feel immediately peaceful and relaxed…" Rachel S.
"I feel alive!" omer C.
"It brings me back home…" Tal
"For years I have been searching for the truth and now I found it!"Shahar
"For me it's like air to breathe…" Ilanit
“This is a wonderful gift and I enjoy it every time again” Dany

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